2017 Fire Rooster: a Dance Between Rivals

Fire rooster

新年快樂 (Xīn Nián Kuài Lè)! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We hope everyone’s spending a well-deserved holiday surrounded by family, warmed by laughter, eased from rest, joyful from the fireworks, and stuffed silly with all kinds of delicious morsels. Here we are again!

This New Year, we experience the coming of the Yin Fire Celestial Stem (termed “Ding”) and the Earthly Branch of Rooster (“Xin”). These two components make up just one yearly cycle within the complex 60-year cycle. This 60-year cycle is used to calculate both the and the . However, only the former is considered in a personal Four Pillars reading and not for the year in general. This is an important thing to consider when understanding what 2017 means for you. Because of this, everyone will have drastically different experiences for what this new year brings.

Very generally, 2017 is a year that represents a divide and struggle between the impassioned and the affirmed. When we look closer in more detail, we can see that the transition from Monkey to Rooster is a significant one for several reasons:

First, again we have a situation where Fire and Metal conflict head-on (like 2016). Yin Fire directly challenges Yin Metal—causing tension and a tug-of-war type of sensation that underlies most of this year. Depending on the month, there will be certain times of respite from this kind of teetering (especially during the transitions from spring to summer and fall to winter). The environment may continue to suffer from an increased output of production this year, most notably within Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

Second, the Monkey Zodiac last year brought us Yang Metal, Yang Water, and Yang Earth. But this year the Rooster Zodiac delivers only Yin Metal—representing virtue, distinction, or ornamentation at its best (but distraction, guarding, or unyielding at its worst). The Western world will continue to be more affected by the potential for chaos than other regions as it was last year—likely with more polarization than before (because now Rooster contains only one element whereas Money has supplied us with proximal ones when considering the strength of Fire in both of these years). We stress here (as we always do during the Chinese New Year) that predictions saying that it’s either going to be a “good” or “bad” year are quite misleading. The reason that this is not necessarily the case is because your own Four Pillars depends heavily on the dynamic component of the Earthly Branches, which are very unique to you in what they help you manifest in your life.

In other words, whether this year is lucky and fruitful (or struggling and difficult) for you this depends on the many circumstances of the Year, Month, Day, and Time of your birth. Let’s explain by showing a few readings from real people below (whose names are changed for confidentiality):

First Reading: Kevin [+]

Second Reading: Veronica [+]

Depending on your own reading, the Fire Rooster year of 2017 is going to offer many different opportunities, challenges, and outcomes that are unique only to you. We truly wish you the most auspicious year with many possible graces, fortunes, and opportunities discovered.