Musings of an Astrologer

Musings of an Astrologer

2019 Earth Pig: a Vigilant Forager

2018 Earth Dog: the Harmony Between Sheer Cliffs and Scales of Magnitude

Dog on mountain

Noble and wise, honorable and dependable, trusting and loyal. Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve arrived at the Year of Earth Dog. 2018 is here, and it’s solid, grounded, obedient, and receptive. We rode the torrential, sparring, and not-so-subtle currents of the Fire Rooster in 2017 and that path now ends at the foot of a magnificent mountain that’s very much worthy of our awe and impression.
This New Year, we experience the coming of the Yang Earth (戊 Wu) and the of Dog (戌 Xu) in unity. These two components make up just one year within the expansive 60-year cycle (the next time the year of Wu-xu will be in 2078). The 60-year cycle is used to calculate both the and the . These are mechanisms to outline the energetic patterns and tendencies of (1) the material world and (2) what lies beyond.
So let’s talk about the energies of the Earthly Flow. When we refer to the of 2018, we are talking purely about this realm and the immediate surroundings that we inhabit. Our environment is our stage, and this year’s stage is firm and grounded. It has the capability to launch some people into the very heights of the dreams and aspirations they’ve been aiming for and struggling to achieve. By the same token, for others these cliffs may add some unwanted perils, dangers of falling, or being crushed by the weight of such mighty stone while on their journey. Depending on what your own energies are (from the Heavenly Mandate in conjunction with your own ), the energy of this year will have a unique impact on you. 
The Heavenly Mandate is a cycle of decades and it influences human lives profoundly by outlining the ethereal energies of the universe and their roles on what we perceive and experience. The Earthly Flow is more complex and follows the intricate stages of creation-destruction and life-death that we observe in nature and the material realm we live in. When these two meet, you get many intricate variables that paint a detailed, subtle, and complete snapshot of the energetic tendencies of your soul’s path during this life. This is why 2018 will be experienced quite differently from person to person. For example, I’ll use “Billy” as an example (don’t worry it’s not his real name…he’s under our witness protection program ):

My four pillars

So, with this setup we can see a few things regarding how Billy receives the energies of 2018:

(1) As a Yin Fire sign, the double-Earth energies in this Wu-xu year represent a profound time of production, giving, output, creativity, exertion, and prostration.

So, is this good for him?

Yes, this aspect is very helpful because his Net Transformative Tendencies are net-positive and Earth is a beneficial element for him (because it drains the excess Fire in his chart). It means that this year Billy will have an inclination to provide more output and have less of a tendency to get stuck in a rut or lazy. He’ll have a stronger drive to give, create, and provide. His gardens in the spring and summer might do better than the last few years, or he may garner a bigger following with people involved in his life’s passion or work.
2018 is here, and it’s solid, grounded, obedient, and receptive
(2) Billy was born in the year of the Dragon. There’s an old Chinese saying from the Zodiac that Dogs and Dragons fight or conflict. Is this true and does that mean Billy will have some conflict in 2018?

There are different types of Earth (especially within the Earthly Branches and Earthly Flow)—four to be exact: the Ox (己 Ji), Goat (未 Wei), Dog (戌 Xu), and Dragon (辰 Chen). The first two are Yin types while the latter two are Yang types. Whenever the two of each type meet each other, they can’t help but compete with one-another. For example, Dog and Dragon compete for dominance—and Billy’s Four Pillars has two side-by-side (forming it’s own unique challenge all by itself called the ). This means that although there will be a big pull to be more creative and giving, Billy may feel conflicted in how he goes about actually doing this. There will be a tendency to arrive at some conflict regarding the conduct involved in business affairs to the point that investments may become exhausted or lost. Dragons like to be masters of their own domain and Dogs are highly territorial, so there can be situations where toe-stepping and head-butting impedes the type of progress that both may actually strive for and agree upon, even if it’s unintentional from both parties involved. Billy may also encounter people and situations which share an affinity for this Earth energy but differ greatly in how they want to go about manifesting this passion, or who have issues conceding a role or position that may directly or indirectly challenge his (and vice-versa). However, because Billy has so much Yang Earth in his astrology it’s going to be a smooth reception of energy for 2018—especially so during periods of seasonal transition. So, this means that there may be bumps and bruises along the way, but in whatever he chooses to be his creation the energy is conducive for profound manifestation as long as it’s engaged with a hands-on approach and Billy remains receptive to the environment and people he involves himself with.

(3) Although Earth is good for Billy, Water is the priority element. And this is a bit of a challenge: Earth happens to be Water’s weakness.

How does this effect Billy in 2018?

Where water flows, Earth obstructs. What water frees, Earth buries. Billy has a unique setup in his Four Pillars where he needs Water primarily and Earth secondarily. Both of these elements are good for him; Water directly cools down the heat of excess Fire and Earth gradually pulls from Fire’s force to dwindle it. However, these two elements do not compliment one-another by themselves. And because 2018 is so richly endowed with Yang Earth, Billy will have a very difficult time receiving the unique benefits of Water’s instant cooling, restructuring, and disciplinarian effects on him. 
Depending on your own energies... this year will have a unique impact on you
Unlike last year (which was a year of “dancing rivals”) this New Year of 2018 is very harmonious—in that the energies of the year itself reflect a kind of slowing down or accumulating period. One could say this year acts like a canvas for a new painting or a bold new (but empty) plot of land for prime real estate to be had. For some, they can’t wait to strap in and begin climbing this magnificent mountain in pursuit of the reward at the summit; for others, their palms may be sweating just at the idea that a mountain could get so high and steep. Inspiration or intimidation—this is the basic reception of 2018 for most. It’s a year that represents a harmony between forces of magnitude and scale. It’s a year for go-getters, seekers, creators, the impassioned and the affirmed. Earth is a solid, stationary element which is much-needed for many; a challenge for others. But whatever the circumstance and however received this year is for you, make the best of it.

2017 Fire Rooster: a Dance Between Rivals

Fire rooster

新年快樂 (Xīn Nián Kuài Lè)! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! We hope everyone’s spending a well-deserved holiday surrounded by family, warmed by laughter, eased from rest, joyful from the fireworks, and stuffed silly with all kinds of delicious morsels. Here we are again!

This New Year, we experience the coming of the Yin Fire Celestial Stem (termed “Ding”) and the Earthly Branch of Rooster (“Xin”). These two components make up just one yearly cycle within the complex 60-year cycle. This 60-year cycle is used to calculate both the and the . However, only the former is considered in a personal Four Pillars reading and not for the year in general. This is an important thing to consider when understanding what 2017 means for you. Because of this, everyone will have drastically different experiences for what this new year brings.

Very generally, 2017 is a year that represents a divide and struggle between the impassioned and the affirmed. When we look closer in more detail, we can see that the transition from Monkey to Rooster is a significant one for several reasons:

First, again we have a situation where Fire and Metal conflict head-on (like 2016). Yin Fire directly challenges Yin Metal—causing tension and a tug-of-war type of sensation that underlies most of this year. Depending on the month, there will be certain times of respite from this kind of teetering (especially during the transitions from spring to summer and fall to winter). The environment may continue to suffer from an increased output of production this year, most notably within Southeast Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

Second, the Monkey Zodiac last year brought us Yang Metal, Yang Water, and Yang Earth. But this year the Rooster Zodiac delivers only Yin Metal—representing virtue, distinction, or ornamentation at its best (but distraction, guarding, or unyielding at its worst). The Western world will continue to be more affected by the potential for chaos than other regions as it was last year—likely with more polarization than before (because now Rooster contains only one element whereas Money has supplied us with proximal ones when considering the strength of Fire in both of these years). We stress here (as we always do during the Chinese New Year) that predictions saying that it’s either going to be a “good” or “bad” year are quite misleading. The reason that this is not necessarily the case is because your own Four Pillars depends heavily on the dynamic component of the Earthly Branches, which are very unique to you in what they help you manifest in your life.

In other words, whether this year is lucky and fruitful (or struggling and difficult) for you this depends on the many circumstances of the Year, Month, Day, and Time of your birth. Let’s explain by showing a few readings from real people below (whose names are changed for confidentiality):

First Reading: Kevin [+]

Second Reading: Veronica [+]

Depending on your own reading, the Fire Rooster year of 2017 is going to offer many different opportunities, challenges, and outcomes that are unique only to you. We truly wish you the most auspicious year with many possible graces, fortunes, and opportunities discovered.

Two Twos for the Revival of Spring

The 2nd day of the 2nd month (Two Twos) of the Lunar Calendar marks the day of "龍抬頭"—which literally means "The Dragon raises its head." In English, the holiday is known as the Blue Dragon Festival. In Chinese mythology, dragons are celestial beings that are tasked with managing weather with precipitation (whether the gentle mists, life-giving rains, intimidating storms, horrifying typhoons, or devastating tsunamis). Such is the blessing—or curse—of the Dragon.

"The Dragon raises its head" is a phrase that means the dragon's dormant hibernation has reached its end and the magnificent beast rears its head to usher in the vital rains once again. This can also be seen from the position of the constellations in the night sky of early spring. This time in the lunar calendar marks the turning of spring and the bringing of rains to the lands. Its significance dates back to the era before the Zhou dynasty (周朝), and since China was a society based on agriculture in these early days this auspicious event marks the beginning of farming in the new year and ushers in great celebration. The soil is now soft enough to seed and the hardship of winter is over once again.

This tradition is usually carried out in the northern parts of China (since the southern parts are blessed with much milder winters and an abundance of water and humidity). Since the North has less sources of surface water and agricultural activities can't happen without them, the Blue Dragon Festival was created as a way to remind the locals of the coming rains and to rejoice in this most auspicious day and see their worries wash away in the gentle rains from the heavens.

March of 2016 is an entire month bestowed with Yin Metal from the Celestial Stems and Yin Wood from the Earthly Branches. In and of itself, it is a month of entanglement and clarity all in the same; a tumultuous, jarring energy that juxtaposes many in its wake. On the day of the Blue Dragon Festival, Yin Metal is further superimposed as well as Yin Wood once more. This only increases the tendencies of March two-fold. It is a powerful day, with a tug-of- war type of energetic disposition.

The Yang Fire Stem of 2016 is already poised to melt the Yang Metal (Monkey zodiac). The monkey is composed of Yang Water, Yang Metal, and Yang Earth. The tendency of this combination is to enforce Water, which clashes head-on with the Fire of the year so impassioned with melting the Metal contained within. It also fortifies Metal to withstand the heat a bit more. However, with the Yin Metal and Wood of March 10 th so prominent, these elements are able to circumvent the direct effects of the Yang elements in the year Stem and Branch and inadvertently fuels the Fire significantly—adding to the already tense disposition of this month. This is definitely not a subtle coming of Spring for the record books!

Ignite the New Year Revelation by Raising It to the Heavens

元宵節快樂 (Yuán Xiāo Jié Kuài Lè)! Today marks a very special day on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Today is the Lantern Festival, the official last day of the Chinese New Year (Spring Festival). It's also called the "First Night Festival" or "First First Festival" and it's been going on for a bit more than 2,000 years now. The Lantern Festival is always celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month (this year it lands on February 22nd). Today is also the first full moon of the new Fire Monkey year, making it a powerful night to celebrate with the energy of the tides.

Since the Eastern Han Dynasty (founded in the year 25) the Buddhist practice of honoring Buddha by lighting lanterns on this day took root and became the custom ever since.

If you heard of the rumors that one should open all of their windows and get down to some serious house cleaning at the New Year, you'd be wrong—it's actually today. While you're at it, take down all of those New Year decorations of red-and-gold ornaments that plaster your house and the street below! Let the dust collected from the year past dissipate in the wind. A new breeze of change is in the air.

Typically, celebrations on this day must include eating great food (like traditional dumpling soup), moon-gazing, fireworks, guessing riddles, walking on stilts, more fireworks, watching the lion and dragon dances, and of course launching lit red lanterns high into the sky with a sense of rejuvenation and best wishes with the start of a New Year.

The red shade protects the fragile flame within, shielding it from extinguishment from the winds of the shifting clouds in the midnight sky. Today is the day of Jiā Xū (甲戌), in month of Gēng Yín (庚寅). It is a Wood-Earth day in month of Metal-Wood and we're just getting started. There is much to consider of the Zodiac, the elements, and the Yin and Yang.

In Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology, the Lantern Festival holds great importance for you since the high-octane energy of the New Year has dissipated and the "birth" of the first full moon of the year is in full swing. The elements of the Fire Monkey year of Bǐng Shēn (丙申) are upon us, and ever-shifting. The year ahead will have many different implications for many different people—it's important to understand this, that this new year is going to be different for everyone.

The months ahead are already transforming. The elements are birthing, colliding; destroying, and transforming. As we look ahead to Spring a new beginning unfolds for you. Take this time to reflect and strategize what is already part of your destiny now. It would only help to be prepared.

May this Lantern Festival of 2016 bring you introspection and reflection, happiness and prosperity.

The Common Myths Surrounding Divination or Reading in Four Pillars Astrology

There are a few common misconceptions about astrological charts and readings that I hope to address. You may come across online articles and ads claiming fast-and-easy advice and instant charts on their questionable websites. While you appreciate what the universe has to offer, these situations usually only provide a tiny sliver of what is actually relevant. Your daily life is complex and you have many layers and dimensions to your being. Many astrology gimmicks use vague descriptions for their advice as just a topical remedy to your concerns.

To the seasoned astrologer, it is not hard to find the inaccuracies on many predictions from gimmick sites. Their vague suggestions often cause more harm than good if advice is taken seriously (and unfortunately, it frequently is). We all encounter difficulties in our lives. We all seek help, whether we will admit it or not. And it is perfectly acceptable to receive it—from good, caring, and dedicated sources.

Most of the information you find online about astrology and horoscopes lack at least one of these things (and often both):

  1. A complete account of your entire birth date—the year, month, day, and time you were born. This is crucial for an accurate reading in Chinese and Western astrology alike.
  2. A complete understanding of the ancient wisdom and art form astrologers are practicing. A reading in astrology has a profound impact on whoever receives it. Karmic implications must be greatly respected in all cases, because we should all only be doing our very best when it comes to aiding a person’s life.

Disappointingly, the solutions that so many get-rich-quick astrology groups provide is something like using a band aid for a broken arm. A holistic analysis of your life must be understood. Incidents mean everything; there is no coincidence. You encountered so many obstacles to true astrology so that you could be brought here, where you are truly taken care of.

If any reader wishes to receive services from Eastern or Western divination alike, be absolutely sure that you do at least some research on the individual(s) or group you reach out to. You have to get some basic understanding of the service you pursue. It really helps.

Surely everyone is aware that there are a lot of services online, so it may be difficult to distinguish genuine from hoax. Do your homework and trust your heart. We encourage exploration, questions, and comments of all types because we respect everyone’s very different circumstances and unique path in life.

How do we do this?

There are different schools of thought that put a different emphasis on Four Pillars of Destiny reading. Some prefer to pinpoint (with great accuracy) the narrative of your ups and downs in life, noting specific incidents that happened to you or your surrounding friends and family.

Our branch of reading is different in the sense that we look at the composition of your life to determine your personality and the likely outcomes that stem from your personality. Your personality depends on the situations which might assist or hamper the grand journey we call life. We focus less on the trivial details of the incidents which already happened (but we still mention them) and more on what affects you and how to overcome major obstacles to your life.

Remember again, ethereal advice is not a golden handbook that promises certain rescue or salvation. Four Pillars acts more like a road sign (mile marker) and it is ultimately up to you on how you choose your direction of travel. Astrology readings are also tools for introspective examination of the past and present, to reflect upon our own actions and serve as lessons for future reference. We want you all to be well-informed, not misguided.

‘Till then, we all at Revealing Fate wish everyone here true enlightenment. Feel free to ask questions and comment on your thoughts and experiences. We always do our very best to answer, and love and appreciate our community. Have a beautiful day!

Outlook for Fire Monkey 2016: A Surprise for Many

Welcome all—young and old, new and returning readers. First and foremost: Happy Lunar New Year! The vast majority of East Asia and Southeast-Asia are celebrating this most auspicious day. As we transition into a new annual cycle with fire monkey things will change a bit. Here's the rundown of what you should expect might happen to you, your pet, or even your cable:

This New Year we experience the coming of the Yang Fire Celestial Stem (termed "Bing") and the Earthly Branch of Monkey ("Shen"). While some other readings might generally predict its going to be either a good or bad year (implying its that way for everyone), the truth is always more complex than it would seem. There are multiple layers at work here. Let's dive further.

The reason for this is that in a Four Pillars reading our Earthly Branches are the most dynamic component and therefore most susceptible to change. These changes might be good, or bad, for you, depending on your personal Day Master (or Celestial Element sign).

Take for example:

Mr. X has Rat ("Zi") and Dragon ("Chen") among his Earthly Branches with the presence of Monkey (Shen) in the Year Pillar—which also happens to be the same for 2016 in this case—they'll combine into water (if without obstruction from other elements, like wood). If Mr. X's Day Master requires water to support him, this year will generally be a smooth one with many occasionally lucky incidents throughout.

Both Mr. X and Ms. Y have remarkably similar Four Pillar profiles, yet the slight differences they have create highly contrasting experiences and outcomes. These variations are vital to consider for a thorough and accurate understanding of the Zodiac from Four Pillars of Destiny astrology.

Furthermore, an understanding of whether or not Mr. X or Ms. Y have a combination of elements which obstruct the manifestation of water depends on the Earth Branches and also the particular arrangement of the Rat and Dragon within the Four Pillars. If, for instance, there is a Horse between the Rat and Dragon then the Horse and Rat are conflicted; the combination obstructs the flow of water and then falls short.

Back to the topic of the new Fire Monkey year: I have to inform everyone that all Earthly Branches are actually combinations of elements. The 2016 Monkey, for example, is a combination of Yang Metal, Yang Water and Yang Earth:

  • Yang Metal represents military, order, honor, lethalness, and callousness
  • Yang Water represents trading (economic), transport, intelligence, indecisiveness, and coldness
  • Yang Earth represents stability, generosity, law, construction, stubbornness, and inflexibility

With a Yang Fire sitting on top of these other three elements, we can expect a certain amount of socioeconomic and/or political tension and even warfare in the Eastern parts of the world—particularly in East Asia. However, a growth in trading will generally be bumpy but will stay together nonetheless. Meanwhile, we will also see major improvements in law and construction (like building and infrastructure) introduced into this coming year.

Depending on your reading, the Fire Monkey year of 2016 is going to offer many different people many different challenges, opportunities, and outcomes.

What Does a Four Pillars Reading Mean to You?

Hello everyone, my name is Tat and with all honesty I wouldn't necessarily call myself a master or anything. I would prefer to call myself a humble practitioner and perhaps a seeker. I'll be the one that handles the reading cases around here. This will be the first article featured on the site and perhaps the most relevant piece that will hopefully guide anyone that traverses through our humble website.

"What does a Four Pillars reading mean to you?" is a question I often ask myself. I will share my personal thoughts on this matter and hopefully it will give you some insight or perspective by the end of this article. The Four Pillars of Destiny are passed down from ages ago, going far back into the B.C. periods (we have a separate page dedicated to the history and tradition of Four Pillars so I won't go too deep into it here). Four Pillars reading acts as a representation of our life compositions, ranging from our personality, our relationships with other individuals, prospective significant others, current significant others, and our relationship with the surrounding environment.

My ability to read and decipher the Four Pillars of Destiny came about from practice fueled by trying to find answers to why I had such an innate stroke of bad luck. I was at a time in my life where I seriously pondered how to rid myself of bad happenstance. Of all the things that have occurred in my life why is there so much hassle? Why so many seemingly wasted efforts? Was I not persistent enough or I was too eager? These are the questions I frequently ask myself. To find the answer isn't just a simple matter.

Luckily, my early mentor is also my cousin. He studied Four Pillars and Feng Shui in Hong Kong with a master's degree and taught me the basics of the art, tossing some reference readings my way. He first helped me with a basic reading, letting me know the significance of my year, month, day, and time pillars. Then he provided me with a reference book so I could grasp the knowledge myself and understand myself a little better. That started it off.

A personal understanding of my own Four Pillars came only after I had experienced ‘five stages of grief' (otherwise known as the Kübler-Ross model): first, I denied the accuracy of the reading, thinking "oh I couldn't have it that way." Then as time passed I become angry, asking "why is this happening to me!" and "what did I do to deserve this!?" After this I bargained with my grief, thinking "come on there must be something I can do, there must be way out somehow." Then I went through a long phase of deep depression, very dark thoughts came easy and lingered around. Lastly, I came to accept that what is presented to me are my own trials in life, there are no easy ways or ‘shortcuts' for me, and that there is only struggle which must be faced and endured in order to prevent my own growth as a person from stagnating—which would truly spell doom for my journey.

Some of you may be thinking "just how serious is a person's destiny?" Well, Four Pillars shows me that the order of my life will make it highly unlikely for me to hold a stable job until my forties. My youth? Pure hardship. Could it be worse or get worse than before? The currents of Four Pillars say "absolutely." This is why I've absolved to strengthen my heart in order to endure this hardship—whether I like it or not.

Not everyone's life is going to be great, and not everyone will suffer long-term bad luck or hardship, but many do and are ill-equipped to deal with it or do not fully understand its role in their life. In this case we need to face our challenges head on. We must not run from our destiny, or else you'll be spending the rest of your life distancing yourself from what you are meant to experience, learn, and progress.

To me the Four Pillars of Destiny acts as an introspective tool. I used it to understand deeply my own short-comings and personal challenges. I used Four Pillars to confront my fear and analyze myself objectively. To grow as a person we will experience failure. However, it is not the failure itself that we must be fearful of but rather how we react to the failure—this is truly what makes us who we are.

I would advise anyone to take any profound advice on life with a grain of salt; healthy skepticism is welcomed and even encouraged. Do not let readings of your Four Pillars dictate your actions. Your actions themselves, no matter great or small, should always go through a deep inspection—be it belief in an astrological reading or deciding which pair of shoes to wear on outings.

For me my own involvement in providing these readings comes not without risk. Such services basically peek into the inner workings of truest fate and destiny. If any improper advice or recommendations are administered by myself there will surely be karmic implications of proportion. However, no matter big or small the request, I'm here to provide to the best of my abilities and all of my attention in order to make sure there are no missteps on my part and I hope you may place your trust in me as well.

Lastly, always remember: the choice is never out of your own hands.

Thank you all for reading and I wish everyone here a wonderful day or night.